Hot Rolled Reinforcing Bar

Hot Rolled Reinforcing Bar

Available Grades

Type Specification) Grade
Round Bar JIS G3112 SR235/ SR295
Deformed Bar JIS G3112 SD295A/ SD295B/ SD345/ SD390/ SD490
ASTM A615 Gr.40/ Gr.60/ Gr.75/ Gr.80
ASTM A706 Gr.60/ Gr.80
BS B4449 B500A/B/C
AS 4671 500N
NZS 4671 300E/ 500E
BS4449: 1997 460B
BS4449: 2005 B500B

Available Sizes

  Plain Rebar Deformed Rebar
Straight Form Coil Straight Form Coil
Size 9~100mm 13~42mm D10~D57 D13~D36
Inner diameter - 950mm - 950mm
Outer Diameter - 1250mm - 1250mm
Length 4-18m - 4-18m -
Coiling Direction - Clockwise - Clockwise

Air cool quality with alloy added (Boron or Vanadium)

Size: 6mm~50mm (Full Size Range Supply)
6mm/8mm/10mm/12mm x Coil
12mm~50mm x Length 6m / 9m / 12m

Rebar in Coil

Coil ID: 850mm Min.
Coil OD: 1100mm Max.
Coil Weight: about 2MT

Rebar in Length

Bundle Weight: about 3MT per bundle (uniform counting pcs)
12M / 9M Length rebar can be folded loaded into 20 ft container


Reinforcing bar/rebar is used in construction to improve strength. Rebar has great compressive strength and can withstand a huge amount of pressure. The most common type of rebar is carbon steel or stainless steel that is suitable for a variety of building and construction applications.

- Building applications
- Construction