QWhat is“Yieh.com - Coil Exchange Center” (CEC)?

Yieh.com – Coil Exchange Center” is the first stainless steel futures market in the world. It is an on-line transaction center to let both buyers and sellers confirm their transactions instantly. To check the details of CEC rules.

QWhen do I need “Yieh.com - Coil Exchange Center”?

(1) When you need a firm, fair, and efficient business transaction, “Yieh.com - Coil Exchange Center” provides you a good alternative to replace the traditional business transactions, which are time consuming, un-secure, and full of uncertainty. The buying with bid price or the selling with asked price in CEC, your transaction will be firm immediately. There will be no more worry about market price being changing or contract being not performed.

(2) When you need to hedge, to perform your risk management from the fluctuating coil prices if you have too many coils in your inventory or too few coils to fulfill client's orders, CEC is the only stainless steel coils futures market in the world to provide you an open, efficient, secure and on-line transaction center.

(3) When you expect the coils' prices will change significantly, CEC is the only on-line transaction center in the world to let you take or short the position of coils without physical delivery if your transaction were offset before the prompt month.

QWhat would be the solid benefit for the coils industry from “Yieh.com – Coils Exchange Center” where its transactions are firm, fair, and efficient?

The traditional transaction is full of uncertainty due to the lack of fair pricing system, transaction efficiency, and firm performance, which make the whole industry under the circumstances of higher inventory level, more distributors and longer lead time, but less turnover for both buyers and sellers. Hence, Yieh.com's 1% commission would save the whole industry 10 times costs and more in transaction and distribution.

QWhy do“Yieh.com – Coils Exchange Center” not allow the transaction offering during the prompt month as other futures markets do?

CEC is oriented to the purposes of both industrial and financial sectors, different from most of the financially oriented futures markets. CEC is the only futures market to allow the buyers to pay by issuing L/C with physical-delivery, which is a very critical term for most of the buyers. CEC is also the only futures market to let the sellers know the final destination in advance and ship the cargos to the closer destination directly. In order to let the members be assisted and be influential to CEC with physical-delivery, the prompt moth is only for time being of cargos preparation and delivery, not for transaction offering.

QHow can I be a member of and transact in “Yieh.com – Coils Exchange Center”?

It is easy to be a member of and to transact in CEC by following 4 steps, (1) Apply to be a member and T/T deposit the necessary margin. (2) Post your offers. (3) Check your settlements, contracts and other information. (4) Perform your contracts if your settlements were not offset.

QHow can I hedge my risks of coils-business through “Yieh.com – Coils Exchange Center”?

There are 4 major steps to hedge:
(1) Calculate your physical position* of coils.
* (Position = Inventory + Confirmed Purchase – Confirmed Sales Contract)

(2) Sell your long (positive) positions or buy your short (negative) positions in CEC futures (future prompt date, e.g. 3 months from now).

(3) If your physical positions no longer existed, you need to offset your CEC positions.

(4) If the prompt month is coming first, you need to renew (offset the original settlements and resettle the positions of longer prompt date) and keep your CEC positions to (3).

QHow it will be if my demands (destination ports, products, sizes, spec., etc.) are different from “Yieh.com – Coils Exchange Center” provided?

Considering the transaction volume makes an efficient market; therefore, CEC only provides the products/terms that fit the majority of the market demand so far. However, all of your demands difference from our CEC provided, we will do our best to help you to settle your demands or exchange your CEC contracts to the products/terms you want at very close prices. We are also planning to diversify CEC transaction targets upon the transaction volume increasing in the near future, to fit more members' exact demand.

QCan we be sure to get the material being contracted?

All of the transactions need to deposit US$ 6,000 per container in advance. Plus our experienced service and huge turnover, the members have very rare chances of not getting the contracted material. If even so, you will have a compensation of US$ 6,000 per container at least.