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Steel Glossary A-Z
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Discarded steel that can be recycled for re-use without loosing its properties. Scrap material is usually melted and refined in order to be reclaimed. High value metal scrap such as stainless steel is very valuable and some 90 percent of new scrap is made from recycled scrap.

Secondary steel 
Steel being sold at a discounted rate after it has been rejected by original customer due to a defect in surface quality, gauge or in the steel’s chemistry.

Semi-finished steel 
Products including billet, slab and bloom that requires further rolling and processing before being classed as a finished product.

Semi-finished steel product used for the manufacture of rolled steel products such as sheets, plates or strip. Slab is made from ingot or by casting and will then be used to make the finished product. Is usually between 30 and 85 inches wide and 20 feet long.

SRE Flat Bar 
Slit Round Edge Flat Bar, No.1 Finish, 180 grinding Finish or others if needed


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