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Brazil’s pig iron exports drop /Apr. 9-Alex Tsai
China's imported iron ore stockpiles decline /Apr. 9-Alex Tsai
LME may not launch aluminium premium contract before 2015 /Apr. 9-Jackie Guan
India's iron ore output to rise /Apr. 9-Alex Tsai
Australian iron ore exports to China up by 27% in March /Apr. 9-Ren Jhuang
Vale’s iron ore exports up slightly in February /Apr. 8-Alex Tsai
Germany’s iron ore imports up in 2013 /Apr. 8-Alex Tsai
Japan's Mitsui Mining to increase zinc output /Apr. 7-Alex Tsai
Iron ore spot prices drop slightly in China /Apr. 7-Alex Tsai
Mexico's iron ore exports surge in 2013 /Apr. 7-Alex Tsai
LME nickel price reaches new high /Apr. 7-Kasim Xu
Iron ore spot prices continue to head north in China /Apr. 3-Alex Tsai
Zinc price expected to rebound as stocks reduce /Apr. 2-Vince
Credit Suisse: Aluminium price may average $1,755/ton in 2014 /Apr. 2-Vince
BREE: Nickel production in Australia to drop by 11% /Apr. 2-Jacky Huang
Iron ore spot prices continue upward trend in China /Apr. 2-Alex Tsai
India's iron ore exports, imports down in 2013 /Apr. 2-Alex Tsai
Japan’s iron ore imports drop in February /Apr. 1-Alex Tsai
Ukraine’s exports of iron ore up in 2013 /Mar. 31-Alex Tsai
Indian Reliance Industries acquires 2 exploration blocks in Myanmar /Mar. 28-Mike Lo
Australia's BREE lowers forecast for iron ore price /Mar. 28-Alex Tsai
Iron ore spot prices continue upward trend in China /Mar. 28-Alex Tsai
Vale's iron ore exports up in January /Mar. 28-Alex Tsai
Malaysia’s iron ore imports down in 2013 /Mar. 28-Alex Tsai
Turkey’s chrome ore exports down by 30% in Jan /Mar. 28-Alex Tsai
German commercial banks sees nickel in oversupply /Mar. 28-Jacky Huang
Iron ore spot prices rise in China /Mar. 27-Alex Tsai
Vale delivers 382,500 tons iron ore to Malaysia /Mar. 27-Alex Tsai
Australia's Port Hedland seeking to boost capacity /Mar. 27-Alex Tsai
France’s iron ore imports soar in January /Mar. 27-Alex Tsai
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