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Steel Glossary A-Z
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Carbon steel 
Refers to a common or ordinary steel that has a carbon content of up to about 2 percent and contains no other alloying elements.

The process of steelmaking where molten liquid metal is poured into a mold to produce continuously cast slab products or ingots.

Chemical treatment 
The application of a chemical substance to steel surface to enhance oxide formation resistance as well as corrosion.

Chloride stress corrosion cracking 
Occurs due to a combination of tensile stress and corrosion as a result of the presence of water and chloride.

An essential alloying element used in stainless steel to prevent corrosion. Chemical symbol: Cr.

The coating of a lower-alloy steel with a stainless steel coating by pouring, welding or coating. This raises the steel’s corrosion resistance at a lower cost.

A continuous strip of flat rolled steel that has been forced around a mandrel and then wrapped around itself in cylindrical form. This process allows longer lengths of metal to be processed, transported or stored.

Coke is used to fuel blast furnaces and is a solid carbonaceous residue sourced from low ash, low sulfur bituminous coal.

Cold-rolled non-grain oriented silicon steel (CRNGO) : Semi Processed 
Semi processed CRNGO is used to manufacture commercial power frequency devices. It provides the customers the method to use their proprietary heat treatment processes to obtain desired core-loss and permeability characteristics. This method can help clients to cut cost.

Cold-Rolled Non-Grain Oriented silicon steel (CRNGO): Fully Processed 
Non-oriented electrical steels are silicon steels. magnetic properties are practically the same in any direction of magnetism in the plane of the silicon steels.

Continuous casting 
Making steel by pouring steel into billet, bloom or slab form directly from the furnace. The drying process lasts only minutes compared to the hours when steel is made from ingot form.

Environmental, chemical or electrochemical forces causing deterioration in a metal. Corrosion can also be caused by other factors.

Corrosion resistance 
The ability of a metal to resist corrosion in certain corrosive environments.


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