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Steel Glossary A-Z
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A finished product formed into long shapes using billets. Bars can either be hot or cold rolled and come in flat, round, hexagonal, square and octagonal form.

Squared off long products shaped in either H or I form used in the construction of buildings. It is usually stainless steel.

Bend test 
The bending of steel to test its ductility and malleability. The test is usually conducted by bending the steel through 135 of 180 degrees and the radius varies depending on the steel grade and thickness. The steel is then evaluated and checked for cracking to determine if it will be passed or not.

Semi-finished long product used to form long products such as bars and wire using the process of hot rolling, casting or forging. The billet is between two and seven square inches big and usually smaller than bloom.

Blast furnace 
A large cylindrical smelting furnace lined with heat resistant bricks and used to produce pig iron. It operates at around 1, 500 degrees Celsius and uses iron ore, coking coal and limestone as raw materials. The pig iron produced is used as raw material for wrought iron.

Semi-finished long product used to form long products. Similar to a billet with the main difference being size. The cross section of a bloom is bigger than 36 square inches.

Bright annealing 
The process of surface treating stainless steel in order to achieve a bright mirror-like finish. This is usually done in a controlled atmosphere or in a vacuum using nitrogen, hydrogen or cracked ammonia gasses.

Brinell hardness 
Method used to test the hardness of metals. A hardened steel ball is put under pressure to make an indentation in the steel. The indentation is then measured by a microscope and given a Brinell hardness value or number (BHN).


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