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Global crude steel production up 11% in August /Sep. 21-Richard Kuo
HR strip prices stable in Shanghai market /Sep. 21-Michael Song
Thin plate CRU index down 4.2% /Sep. 21-Michelle Dong
Russian HR prices rise /Sep. 21-Hunter Deng
GI prices in Taiwan market could rise /Sep. 20-Margaret Yeh
South Korean domestic CRC sales up in August /Sep. 20-Jason Sun
Pagang announce more price increases /Sep. 20-John Zz
Tokyo Steel keeps domestic prices stable /Sep. 20-Johnny Lin
CR plate price up in Chongqing market /Sep. 20-Colin Yu
CR prices Shanghai market continues to rise /Sep. 20-Sky Cao
HRC prices up in Shanghai market /Sep. 19-Kan Li
Medium thick plate prices in Liuzhou market up slightly /Sep. 19-Ann Wang
Steel supply remain tight in South Africa /Sep. 19-Sherry Yu
Construction steel price drop in Laiwu area /Sep. 19-Andy Liu
Pagang ups some prices /Sep. 19-John Zz
Chengdu HR & CR coil prices up /Sep. 18-Thomas Sheer
Japanese thinning plate price negotiations with Asian buyers winding down /Sep. 18-Aaron Yang
Ansteel ups steel prices /Sep. 18-John Zz
HR coil prices in Shanghai market fluctuating /Sep. 18-Sally Chang
Chongqing Iron & Steel ups CR prices /Sep. 15-John Zz
Steel sheet price drop 5% in September /Sep. 15-Allen Chen
Chinese HRC prices showing signs of slow recovery /Sep. 15-Michael Song
Gerdau Ameristeel to close Perth Amboy meltshop /Sep. 15-Thomas Sheer
Taiwanese HGI price stabilize /Sep. 15-Johnny Lin
Medium thick plate prices in Europe continue rising /Sep. 15-Sally Chang
Still no compromise in shipping plate negotiations between Japan and South Korea /Sep. 15-Stella Lin
Shanghai medium plate prices up /Sep. 15-Sky Cao
CR prices in Ningbo market remain stable /Sep. 14-Ann Wang
Japanese steelmakers expect better market /Sep. 14-Piper Hu
CR plate prices Shanghai market continues to rise /Sep. 14-Sky Cao
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