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Summary of US scrap, pig iron imports in January /Mar. 31-Ben Gu
Japanese H2 scrap price keeps steady /Mar. 30-Grace Jiang
Japan scrap price to move up in South Korea /Mar. 27-Grace Jiang
Japan the average price of H2 scrap slide slightly this week /Mar. 27-Eric Huang
US exports1.128 million tons of scrap in January /Mar. 27-SKY
China's scrap imports up in February /Mar. 26-Tony zhang
Japan’s scrap prices on upward trend /Mar. 26-Rita
Turkey returns to scrap market /Mar. 26-Margaret Yeh
U.S. scrap market expects more price falls /Mar. 24-Shawn Xie
China's scrap imports up in January /Mar. 20-SKY
Korea’s scrap imports plunge in January /Mar. 19-SKY
EU’s scrap market weakens /Mar. 18-Margaret Yeh
American scrap export market stagnates /Mar. 18-Steven Ding
Korea buys scrap from Japan /Mar. 16-Piper
Japanese H2 scrap average prices down /Mar. 16-Grace Jiang
Turkey's scrap import prices fall /Mar. 12-Shawn Xie
Japan's stainless scrap exports up 0.9% in January /Mar. 11-Kasim Xu
Japan’s H2 scrap prices on downward trend /Mar. 11-Margaret Yeh
American H1 scrap export prices slide /Mar. 11-Grace Jiang
U.S. scrap prices continue to fall /Mar. 10-Shawn Xie
Japan's scrap market remains uncertain /Mar. 9-Steven Ding
Japan's stainless steel scrap imports drop in January /Mar. 9-Steven Ding
Brazil to export more scrap to Asia /Mar. 9-Kasim Xu
America's scrap price drop further by US$30/lt /Mar. 6-Lisa Yao
Scrap price in Osaka keeps dropping /Mar. 5-Eric Huang
India import scrap price cut from Europe /Mar. 5-Wendy
Turkish steel mills to start purchase /Mar. 5-Margaret Yeh
Russia exported 6.35 million tons of scrap in 2008 /Mar. 5-SKY
Japanese H2 scrap price down in Kanto region /Mar. 5-Rita Chang
Russian scrap production to decline /Mar. 4-Piper
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