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More Stainless steel News
Nickel stainless cold rolled sheet price down in Tokyo /Jan. 27-Tracy Niu
Japan’s CR stainless steel output down by 15% m-o-m in last November /Jan. 20-Nann Cheng
US stainless steel consumption improves in last October /Jan. 20-Nann Cheng
US stainless steel exports down by 14% m-o-m in last November /Jan. 19-Nann Cheng
MEPS sees stainless steel prices to surge by 25% in H1, 2012 /Jan. 19-Tracy Niu
Asian stainless steel prices rebound in January /Jan. 18-Nann Cheng
ThyssenKrupp close to sale of stainless steel unit /Jan. 18-Kate Hsieh
Global stainless steel output increases 3% in Q3, 2011 /Jan. 18-Jacky Huang
Universal Stainless hikes base prices by 5% /Jan. 17-Nann Cheng
Canadian International Trade Tribunal (CITT) rules dumping on China stainless steel sink /Jan. 17-Ruth Wang
Tisco hikes stainless steel domestic prices for February /Jan. 16-Nann Cheng
Surged nickel prices support stainless steel prices in Taiwanese market /Jan. 16-Frank Hsu
Baosteel cuts stainless steel domestic prices for February on weak spot market /Jan. 13-Nann Cheng
Japan’s imports of stainless steel down by 5.9% m-o-m in last November /Jan. 13-Kasim Xu
NSSC hikes stainless steel export prices by US$100/ton /Jan. 13-Tracy Niu
Turkey’s imports of stainless wide strip down by 9% y-o-y in last November /Jan. 12-Nann Cheng
Tisco targets to produce 3.1 million tons of stainless steel products in 2012 /Jan. 12-Nann Cheng
Stainless steel price to go up on increasing nickel prices /Jan. 12-Kasim Xu
NSSC keeps stainless CRC domestic prices flat for January /Jan. 11-Nann Cheng
Stainless steel inventory in Chinese Foshan market down by 4.64% in end of December, 2011 /Jan. 10-Nann Cheng
Taiwanese stainless steel producers expected to gain in Q4 /Jan. 10-Ruth Wang
US stainless producers cut January alloy surcharge on soft nickel prices /Jan. 9-Nann Cheng
US stainless steel producers insist on raising prices in January /Jan. 9-Kasim Xu
Stainless steel inventory down by 3.59% in Chinese Wuxi market in second half of December /Jan. 6-Nann Cheng
Stainless steel prices rise in Taiwanese market /Jan. 6-Nann Cheng
China’s stainless steel output surges by 11% in 2011 /Jan. 5-Nann Cheng
Posco Special Steel cut January stainless wire rod and bar prices /Jan. 5-Nann Cheng
Southwest Stainless Steel achieves production target for 2011 /Jan. 5-Jacky Huang
Taiwanese stainless steel firms hikes prices to offset higher costs /Jan. 4-Cathy Tai
Posco VST may reduce stainless steel production /Jan. 4-Nann Cheng
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