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Taiwanese small screw exports rebounding gradually
It’s reported that Taiwanese exports of small screw have been rebounding gradually recently, driven by rising exports to the US, after it declined for consecutive nine months.

It’s known that the Taiwanese small screw exports to the US have been rising since this early year as the US’s economy has been rebounding.

It’s said that Chun Yu, one of the major screw producers in Taiwan currently received more order volumes from the US buyers. It received around 1,000 tons of order volumes in one single month.

At present, Taiwan’s export prices of small screw are at around US$1.37/kg. Industry sources expected that Taiwanese small screw producers will have much better performance in export market if the small screw exports to Europe are improved.

News Date 2/21/2012 9:25:32 AM reported by Claude Tseng
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